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United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
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England page England
Cornwall, England page England-
Durham County, England page England-
Durham Co.
Lincoln, England page England-

Lincolnshire, England page England-
London, England page England-
Northumberland, England page England-

St Edward's Cross page England-
St Edwards Cross
Northern Ireland page Northern Ireland
Scotland St. Andrew's Cross page Scotland-Cross

Scotland Lion page Scotland-Lion
Wales page Wales
Wales St. David's Cross page Wales-
St. Davids Cross

United Kingdom Air Force page United Kingdom Air Force
United Kingdom Blue Ensign page United Kingdom Blue Ensign

United Kingdom Merchant page United Kingdom Merchant
United Kingdom Metropolitan Police Service page United Kingdom
Metro Police

United Kingdom Ministry of Defence page United Kingdom
United Kingdom Naval page United Kingdom Naval

United Kingdom Royal Standard page United Kingdom Royal Standard

British 17th Regiment of Foot page 17th Regt
of Foot
British Red Ensign page British
Red Ensign

King's Colors page King's Colors

Hudson's Bay Company page Hudson's Bay
North West Company page North West

British Empire Britannia page Empire Britannia
Queen Elizabeth I page Queen Elizabeth I

Aden Colony 1937-1963 flag Aden Colony
Alderney page Alderney
Anguilla page Anguilla
Ascension Island page Ascension Island
Barbados (1870) page Barbados (1870)
Belize (1919) page Belize (1919)
Bermuda page Bermuda
Bermuda Blue Ensign page Bermuda
British Antarctic Territory page British Antarctic
British Cameroons page British
British East Africa Navy page British East Africa Navy
British Empire Britannia 1887 flag British Empire Britannia 1887
British Indian Ocean Territory page British Indian
Ocean Territory
British Leeward Islands (1871) page British Leeward Islands (1871)
British South Africa Company page British South Africa Co.
British Straits Settlements 1874 page British Straits Settlements 1874
British Straits Settlements 1925 page British Straits Settlements 1925
British Virgin Islands page British Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands Red page British Virgin Islands Red
British Windward Islands (1953) page British Windward Islands (1953)
Canada (1868) page Canada (1868)
Canada (1921) page Canada (1921)
Canada (1957) page Canada (1957)
Canada Air Force (1941) page Canada
Air Force (1941)

Cayman Islands (1958-99) page Cayman Islands (1958)
Cayman Islands Red (1958-99) page Cayman Islands Red (1958)
Cayman Islands page Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Red page Cayman Islands Red
Celtic Collage page Celtic Collage
Ceylon (1875) page Ceylon (1875)
Church in Wales page Church in Wales
Church of Scotland page Church of Scotland
Cook Islands page Cook Islands
Cyprus (1922) page Cyprus (1922)
Falkland Islands page Falkland Islands
Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland page Fed. Rhodesia & Nyasaland
Gambia (1889) page Gambia 1889
Gibraltar page Gibraltar
Gibraltar (1875) page Gibraltar 1875
Grenada 1903 (British) page Grenada
Guernsey page Guernsey
Gibraltar (1906) page Guyana 1906
Gibraltar (1919) page Guyana 1919
Gibraltar (1955) page Guyana 1955

Hong Kong (1959) page Hong Kong
India 1858-1947 blue India 1858
India 1858-1947 red India 1858
Isle of Man page Isle of Man
Jamaica (1962) page Jamaica (1962)
Jersey page Jersey
Kenya (1895-1963) page Kenya (1895)
Kenya (1895-1963) Governor page Kenya (1895)
Malta (1898) page Malta (1898)
Montserrat page Montserrat
Nigeria (1901) page Nigeria (1901)
North Borneo page North Borneo
Nyasaland page Nyasaland
Pitcairn Islands page Pitcairn Islands
Rhodesia 1964 page Rhodesia
Northern Rhodesia page Rhodesia
Southern Rhodesia page Rhodesia
Rwanda Blue Ensign page Rwanda Blue Ensign

Sark page Sark
Saint Helena page Saint Helena
Sierra Leone (1916-1961) page Sierra Leone
Singapore (1946-1959) page Singapore
Solomon Islands British (1906) page Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands British (1966) page Solomon Islands
Somaliland British (1903) page Somaliland
South Africa (1910) page South Africa
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands page South Georgia
Sandwich Islands
Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla (1958-1967) page St Chris-Nevis-Anguilla(1958)
Tanganyika 1919 British page Tanganyika
Transvaal Colony 1904 (British) page Transvaal
Trinidad 1889 British page Trinidad/Tobago
Trinidad 1958 British page Trinidad/Tobago
Tristan da Cunha page Tristan da Cunha
Turks & Caicos page Turks & Caicos
Tuvalu page Tuvalu
Tuvalu 1995 page Tuvalu
Colony of Vancouver Island page Vancouver Island

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