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Desk Flags

Cabo Verde flag CABO VERDE
Calabria, Italy flag Calabria
Calgary, Canada flag Calgary
Caliphate flag Caliphate
Cambodia flag CAMBODIA
Cameroon flag CAMEROON
Southern Cameroons flag Cameroons, South
Canada flag + CANADA
Canada (1868) page Canada (1868)
Canada (1921) page Canada (1921)
Canada (1957) page Canada (1957)
Canada Air Force (1941) page Canada
Air Force (1941)
Canary Islands flag Canary Islands
Cape Breton Island - Tartan, Canada page Cape Breton
Island - Tartan
Cape Town, South Africa flag Cape Town
Cartagena flag Cartagena
Castlebar, Ireland flag Castlebar
Catalan Blue Estelada flag Catalan
Catalan Red Estelada flag Catalan
Catalonia flag Catalonia

Cayman Islands flag Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Red flag Cayman Islands Red
Cayman Islands (1958-99) page Cayman Islands (1958)
Cayman Islands Red (1958-99) page Cayman Islands Red (1958)
Celtic Collage flag Celtic Collage
Central African Republic flag CENTRAL AFRICAN REP.
Ceylon (1875) British flag Ceylon (1875) British
Chad flag CHAD
Champagne, France flag Champagne
Chile flag CHILE
Chilean Antarctic Territory flag Chilean Antarctic Terr.
China flag + CHINA
China 1872 flag China (1872-1890)
China 1890 flag China (1890-1912)
China 1912 flag China (1912-1928)
China- Taiwan flag China- Taiwan
China- Taiwan (1895) flag China- Taiwan (1895)
Portugal Christ Knights page Christ Knights
Christmas Island flag Christmas Island
Church in Wales page Church in Wales
Church of Scotland page Church of Scotland

Chuuk flag Chuuk
Ciskei, South Africa flag Ciskei
Clare County, Ireland page Clare
Cologne, Germany flag Cologne
Colombia flag COLOMBIA
Commonwealth of Independent States flag Commonwealth
Ind. States
Commonwealth of Nations flag Commonwealth
of Nations
Comoros flag COMOROS
Conch Republic flag Conch Republic
Congo flag CONGO
Democratic Congo flag CONGO, DEM. REP.
Cook Islands flag Cook Islands
Cork County, Ireland page Cork
Cornwall, England page Cornwall
Corsica flag Corsica
Costa Rica flag COSTA RICA
Creole flag Creole
Cretan State flag Cretan State
Crimea flag Crimea
Crimean Tatar flag Crimean Tatar
Croatia flag CROATIA
Croatia (old) flag Croatia (old)

Cuba flag CUBA
Culebra, Puerto Rico flag Culebra
Curacao flag Curacao
Cyprus flag CYPRUS
Cyprus (1922) British flag Cyprus (1922) British
Northern Cyprus flag Cyprus, North
Czech Republic flag CZECH REPUBLIC
Dauphiny, France flag Dauphiny
Denmark flag DENMARK
Dinan, France flag Dinan
Djibouti flag DJIBOUTI
Dominica flag DOMINICA
Dominican Republic flag DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Donegal, Ireland flag Donegal
Dublin, Ireland flag Dublin
Durham County, England page Durham
Dusseldorf, Germany flag Dusseldorf
Dutch Guiana flag Dutch Guiana

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