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Mormon Battalion
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The Mormon Battalion was the only religion-based unit in U.S. military history. During the Mexican–American War, a volunteer unit of Latter-day Saint men led by Mormon company officers made a grueling march of nearly 2,000 miles from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to San Diego, California. They were destined to play an important part in the early development of California. They later made bricks that were used in constructing houses throughout southern California, and built Fort Moore in Los Angeles and the Courthouse in San Diego. Many eventually settled in California after the war.
Some believe the flag accompanied the Mormon Battalion on its famous march. However, the date of 1847 on the flag indicates that it may have been made after the march. The flag is one sided and not constructed well enough to have been carried on the march. In parades held in later years, veterans of the famous infantry march carried flags and banners like this one in patriotic parades. Even if it is a veterans' flag and not the actual flag used during the march, it is notable that the design in the canton is likely patterned after a flag of Deseret in use when the flag was made. The drawn image supposes an additional red star in the upper right corner, which may not have existed or have been of different design.


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