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California Republic flag California Republic
Calvert Arms flag Calvert Arms
Cavalry Guidon flag Cavalry Guidon
Centennial U.S. flag Centennial
Cherokee Braves flag Cherokee Braves
Choctaw Brigade flag Choctaw

United States Colored Troops 4th Regiment flag US Colored Troops 4th Rgt
Columbus flag Columbus
Commodore Perry flag Commodore Perry

Confederate Main Flag Confed
Index Page
Confederate Battle Flag/Naval Jack Confed
Confederate Stars/Bars 7 Star flag Confed 1st
7 stars
Confederate Stars/Bars 11 Star flag Confed 1st
11 stars
Confederate Stars/Bars 11.5 Star flag 1st National
11.5 Star
Confederate Stars/Bars 13 Star flag Confed 1st
13 stars
Confederate Stars/Bars 15 Star flag Confed 1st
15 stars
Confederate 2nd National flag Confed 2nd
Confederate 3rd National flag Confed 3rd

Confederate Square Battle Flag Confed
Battle (ANV)
Confederate Bonnie Blue Flag Confed
Bonnie Blue
Confederate States Marine Corps Flag Confed
Marine Corps
Confederate 1861 Naval Jack flag Confed
Jack (1861)
Confederate Revenue Service Flag Confed
Revenue Service
Connecticut 2nd Regiment 2nd Battalion flag Connecticut
2nd Regt 2nd Batt
Connecticut 9th Infantry Regiment Irish Brigade flag Connecticut
9th Infantry
Connecticut Privateer flag Connecticut Privateer
United States Constitution Bicentennial flag Constitution
Continental flag Continental

13 star Cowpens U.S. flag Cowpens
Crossland Banner Crossland
Culpeper flag Culpeper

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