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U.S. 34 Star

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US34 Mozart
Outdoor Flags

Size 2x3' 3x5' 4x6' 5x8' 6x10'
Dyed $44.00 $70.00 $97.00 $155.00 $255.00
On July 3, 1861, this flag was presented to the 40th New York Volunteers. The regiment was then known as the "Mozart Regiment" after the Mozart Hall faction within the Democrat Party that propelled Mayor Wood into office. The original silk national color included 34 stars, reverse appliquéd in the canton in a star-like configuration known as the "Great Luminary" or "Great Star" pattern. The painted inscription on the center red stripe, "MOZART" reads left-to-right on both sides of the flag. If one piece of silk was painted on both sides, the paint would bleed through to the other side, so each side had a separate piece of fabric only at this stripe.
source: NY State Military Museum


U.S. 34 Star
Indoor Flag Set
Dyed $284

Flag Only
3x5' Pole Hem
Pole Hem
& Fringe
Dyed $90.00 $107.00
For larger indoor flags, see chart.
Note: larger flags require longer poles
Flag Spreader
Flag Spreader - $26.00 each

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