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Moravosilesian symbols, Czech Republic

Moravskoslezsky kraj

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Moravosilesian region new proposal

[Moravosilesian new proposal] by Mello Lugtenberg, 1 Apr 2002

I'm sending description of the flag of the Moravosilesian Region (Czech Republic) that has been approved by the regional assembly on Thursday. Note that prior to formal granting by the Parliament is mere proposal. However, the proposal is good and I believe it'll be approved and granted.The flag is quartered. In the upper hoist there is a Silesian eagle (black with yellow crown, red beak and legs, and white perisonium with a white cross) on yellow field.In the upper fly there is a Moravian eagle (red-white chckered with yellow crown, beak and legs) on blue field.In the lower hoist there is the COA of Ostrava - blue field with a green bottom stripe (ca. 5:1), with a white horse (yellow saddle and red coat, no curb, probably white hoofs) and yellow rose (red center, green leaflets).
The lower fly field is divided vertically into three stripes, white, red and bluě1:1:2). In the blue stripe there is a half of the yellow eagle (looking to the fly) with red beak and tongue and a red leg (no crown!).
The flag ratio is 2:3.
The COA and flag (an armorial banner) were designed by Jan Tejkal.

The white and red stripes stand for the Principality of Opavia.
The yellow eagle on blue is a Coat of Arms of the Principality of Tessinum. Note that both principalities' Coat of Armss were included in the great Coat of Arms of Czechoslovakia in 1920-1960 (together with Coat of Armss of Bohemia, Slovakia, Subcarpathian Russia, Moravia, Silesia,and
Principality of Hultschin.
Jan Zrzavy, 31 Mar 2002

March 28 2002 was the day, when Moravskoslezský kraj Regional Assembly had decided about its Arms and flag:
Quarterly 1.- Silezia (Or an Eagle displayed Sable armed Gules, crowned of the first, charged on breast with trefoiled Crescent Argent, surmounted in the middle with Crosslet of the last, isn't it?), 2. Moravia, 3) City of Ostrava (including grass in base), 4) per pale, a) per pale Argent and Gules (Duchy of Opava/Troppau - compare with Liechtenstein Arms), b) Azure a Demi -Eagle Or armed Gules (rising from the dividing line - Principality of Těšín/Tessin/Cieszyn. Compare with Český Těšín, Karviná, Frýdek - Místek, Bielsko - Biala (PL)...).
Aleš Křižan, 10 Apr 2002

I've noticed that the Mello's image of the proposal of a flag of the Moravosilesian Region (Czech Republic) is incorrect: the
yellow half-eagle shouldn't have a crown!
Jan Zrzavy, 26 Sep 2002

On 23 October 2002 the Coat of Arms and flag of the Moravo-Silesian Region have been approved.
The flag (and Coat of Arms) is quartered (2:3).
* The upper hoist field is yellow with the Silesian eagle (black, yellow crows, red beak and legs, white perisonium with a cross).
* The upper fly field is blue with the Moravian eagle (white-red checkered, yellow crown, beak and legs).
* The lower hoist field has two horizontal stripes, blue and green (7:1), with a white jumping horse over both stripes (yellow saddle, red "coat"), and with a yellow rose *with red center* and green leaflets in the field's upper fly corner.
* The lower fly field has three vertical stripes, white, red and blue (1:1:2), with a half of the Tessinum eagle (facing to the fly) in the blue stripe (yellow, red beak and arms, *no crown*).

The approved flag is very similar to the proposal, note that the width of the green stripe is specified, and the detailed pattern of the rose is modified.

The subcommittee, moreover, suggested to the regional authorities to change the fields' arrangements: upper hoist - Silesian eagle, upper fly - horse and rose (= Coat of Arms of the city of Ostrava), lower hoist - vertical stripes (red & white = Opavia Principality) and the yellow eagle (= Tessinum Principality), lower fly - Moravian eagle. This rearrangement would preclude the close contact of two blue fields, however, the Moravian eagle has to be transferred to the least important portion of a flag. Most probably, this proposal won' be accepted by the Region.
At present, the original flag should be considered near-to-be-accepted (it will have to be formally granted by the chairman of the House of Representatives).
Jan Zrzavy, 29 Oct 2002

Not knowing anything at all about the politics of the area, this surprised me, especially putting Moravia second to Silesia, but also giving Ostrava more or less equal status with the first two and representing Opavia and Tessinum (neither of which I've ever heard of, I confess) at all.
This is undoubtedly a reflection of my lack of knowledge, not a comment on the judgment of the designers, but I'd have thought the more elegant solution would either be Moravia impaling Silesia (or vice versa), or Moravia quartered with Silesia (or vice versa).  I'm curious as to what drives the committee to the more complicated design - are Ostrava, Opavia, and Tessinum distinct communities from Moravia and Silesia, and so important in some historic or political respect that they rate this separate recognition?
Joe McMillan, 29 Oct 2002

In short: Moravo-Silesian Region is formed by a part of historical Silesia (majority of the region's area) and a small northernmost) part of historical Moravia. Other parts of Moravia are in Olomouc, Zlin, South Moravian, Vysocina, Pardubice and South Bohemian Regions, a small part of Silesia is in the Olomouc Region (so that your proposals are not sufficient to characterize the MSR.
In all regional symbols, the COA of capital (or its part) is included - the MSR capital is Ostrava.
The historical land of Silesia is a loose 'federation' of numerous principalities. Most of them are now situated in Poland, the most important former principalities in the Czech Republic are Opavia and Tessinum.
Sounds complicated? Yes, we're living here for many centuries :-))
Jan Zrzavy, 29 Oct 2002

The COA and flag of the Moravosilesian Region have officially been granted to the Moravosilesian regional authorities on 9th January 2003. The flag (2:3) is quartered:
1. the upper hoist field is yellow with Silesian eagle
2. the upper fly field is blue with Moravian eagle
3. the lower hoist field is blue over green (7:1) with a white horse and yellow rose
4. the lower fly field is vertically split white-red-blue (1:1:2) with a half of the yellow eagle with red beak and legs in the blue
stripe (no crown!!!).In other words, the original proposal by Mr. Tejkal has not been modified in any way.
The South Moravian Region is now the last Czech region with no symbols. To my best knowledge, no action is taking course there.
Jan Zrzavy, 19 Jan 2003

Moravosilesian region flag proposal

[Moravskoslezsky kraj flag proposal] by Blas Delgado Ortiz, 19 Jun 2001

Image based on Petr Exner's kraj-Coat of Arms.
Blas Delgado Ortiz, 19 Jun 2001

Moravian-Silesian ("Moravskoslezsky") Region (Silesian eagle, Moravian eagle, Ostrava rose, Opava chevrons). I don't have any information about the present stage of preparation of the Moravian-Silesian symbols, but the presented flag seems to be quite dubious (especially as concerns red margins of the city-derived fields).
Jan Zrzavy, 20 Jun 2001

As Petr Exner just now confirmed, the flag of Moravian-Silesian region recently sent to FOTW is a mere *proposal*.
Jan Zrzavy, 20 Jun 2001

According to message from the Regional Council of the Moravian-Silesian Region (Czech Rep.), no definite proposal for the regional symbols has been approved. Last wekk, the council only sent to the Regional Assembly some general instruction how the Coat of Arms (and BoA) should look. They will be (of course) quartered: 1st field with Silesian eagle, 2nd field with Moravian eagle, 3rd field with complete capital's Coat of Arms (blue field with the white horse and yellow rose blossom), and 4th field should
symbolize either mountains, or the Danube-Oder-Elbe water-shed, or the industrial development.
We'll see. The assembly should meet in September.
Jan Zrzavy, 19 Jul 2001

According to decision of the Regional Council (November 22), the Regional Assembly is recommended to approve the proposal No. 10 of the regional symbols in its next meeting (December 13). No more data available.
However, one of the last missing Czech regional flags is coming.
Jan Zrzavy, 28 Nov 2001

Last week, some more flags of the Czech regions were approved: Moravian-Silesian Region -  regional assembly should have discussed the symbols (December 13) - no info so far.
Jan Zrzavy, 15 Dec 2001

It seems that the recently approved Coat of Arms and flag of the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic will be quartered, with Silesian eagle in the upper hoist, with Moravian eagle in the upper fly, with city of Ostrava Coat of Arms (horse + rose) in the lower hoist, and with vertically split Moravian-Silesian eagle in the lower fly. No details, no independent support yet available. Source - regional office (reported by Petr Exner). Let's await - and let's hope that this bizarre design is wrong ...
Jan Zrzavy, 18 Dec 2001

Just now I read the press release from the meeting of the regional assembly of the Moravian-Silesian Region (Czech Republic). The flag I've reported yesterday was supported by the regional council but the assembly made no final decision and asked council to present other proposals to next assembly's meeting. At present, no approved proposal of MSR flag exists.
Jan Zrzavy, 19 Dec 2001

One of the last Czech regions whose symbols have not yet been approved is the Moravosilesian region. The next session of the regional assembly (March 28) will discuss the topic once again, with all proposals discussed last December and three more proposals suggested by Jiri Louda and Rudolf Kouba (2). All proposals include Silesian eagle, Moravian eagle, and the Coat of Arms of city of Ostrava (horse + rose). The proposal by Mr. Louda (a senior Czech heraldist) includes also the golden field with a blue wavy stripe (standing for watershed between Baltic and Black Seas), a cog-wheel and crossed mining tools. Both proposals by Mr. Kouba include symbols derived from Coat of Armss of the old Silesian principalities (Opavia and Tessinia). No more info, no image.
Jan Zrzavy, 14 Mar 2002

The regional assembly of the Moravosilesian Region is just now discussing the regional symbols.
Jan Zrzavy, 28 Mar 2002

The symbols of the Moravosilesian Region (Czech Republic) have been approved by the regional assembly during its yesterday session.
The COA and flag will be quartered,
1st field yellow with Silesian eagle,
2nd field blue with Moravian eagle,
3rd field blue with a white horse and yellow rose (and green grass?), i.e. the Coat of Arms of the city of Ostrava,
4th field blue (???) with "symbols derived from Coat of Armss of the old Silesian principalities, Opavia and Tessinia".

No details and no image yet (according to the description, the Coat of Arms is difficult to imagine - three blue field ...?). However,
prior to approving by the parliamentary subcommittee and granting by chairman of the House of Representatives it is a proposal only.
Jan Zrzavy, 29 Mar 2002

Moravosilesian region preliminary emblem

[Moravskoslezsky kraj preliminary emblem] image from Petr Exner's site.