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A favorite of many real estate agents and other professionals, these sets are ideal for displaying Advertising Message Flags. Each kit includes a 2-piece aluminum 1" pole,
a golden vinyl ball, and 2 nylon flag ties.
[Lawn Pole]
Length Each
6' $26.00
8' $30.00
10' $34.00
Twist Lock
(Plastic Ball)
3 section pole - save on shipping!

[Neverfurl Kit]

Prevent your flag from wrapping around the flagpole with the Never-Furl® Kit. The kit is easy to install and comes complete with everything needed including instructions and detailed drawings. No additional tools required.
1" Kit $18.00
Lawn Spikes
Easy, convenient way to display lawn poles. Perfect for real estate agents, businesses...

$16.00 each

Anyone who wants to temporarily display a flag in their yard. Just drive the spike in the ground and slide your pole through the two 1.25" (inside diameter) rings.
    [Lawn Spike]

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