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12x18" Stick Flags
Historical and Assorted Others

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Ideally suited for parades, garden use, and as cemetery flags. Some of these flags are made of cotton. The majority are polyester. Most flags are mounted on 24" plain staffs. Some are mounted on a 30" staff. Please call to check availability and prices for other sizes and materials.

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1-11 12+
$5.00 $4.00


12x18" stick flags may be assorted to receive maximum quantity discount.

Am. Rev. Bicen.
St. George Cross

Afro American
Aids Awareness
Earth Flag
European Union
Jolly Red Eyes
Jolly Roger w/Patch
Peace Sign
Proud to be American
Racing Checkered
Smiley Face
Welcome Home...
United Nations

Made in the U.S.A.
The following flags are now Christian and Firefighter stick flags available in poly-cotton material:
$4.50 each
see Memorial Holders Page

$4.50 Gadsden
$4.50 Christian
$4.50 Firefighters ... Loyal

Made in the U.S.A.
The following flags are now available in nylon material: see Memorial Holders Page

$9.00 US 15 Ft McHenry
$9.00 US 34 Round
$9.00 CSA- 1st-Stars/Bars
$6.00 Air Force
$6.00 Army
$6.00 Coast Guard
$6.00 Marine Corps
$6.00 Navy
$6.00 POW/MIA
$9.00 Maryland

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