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Hamburger Lloyd (Shipping Company, Germany)

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[Hamburger Lloyd 9 stripes] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider and Eugene Ipavec, 27 Aug 2008

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Hamburger Lloyd

Another branch of this inland shipping company, established at Hamburg, flying a similar flag with a red canton bearing the well-known castle in white.
See the Binnenvaart site - house flag as a drawing on the 'Sabrit' page (scroll down to the little camera logo near '1975 Alpenbüttel' which links to a photo showing the flag flying prominently): - drawing plus photo of 'Alchimist Emden' flying two HL flags: one on the bow, the other on a movable mast.
Jan Mertens, 30 Sep 2007

Image based on a photo of a life-size Hamburger Lloyd flag, nine stripes, and canton of  five stripes high.  See also FOTW-ws for a drawing plus a Berlin variant:
It is from German eBay offer no. 330041540474 (end 31 Oct 2006) put up by "lz530" in an inelegant, but efficient, manner.  Comments: straight from the mast; somewhat worn and discoloured; woven (not specified); dimensions given as 0.90 m x 1.35 m.
Jan Mertens, 27 Aug 2008

Lloyd AG; Basel and its daughters
The basic colour of all flags was yellow, superimposed by four or five black stripes.
Hamburger Lloyd GmbH (aka Hamburger Lloyd Seeschiffahrt)
Was founded as another local branch by Rhein-Lloyd GmbH; Mannheim in 1938/or 1939. In 1948 Kurt Bernhold und Carl-Heinz Laß left the company with permission of the board in Mannheim and they established, connected with Lloyd AG; Basel, the Hamburger Lloyd Reederei und Transport GmbH. Kurt Bernhold died on 5 September1962. His son Jürgen Bernhold made his degree as a doctor on 22 December 1963 and has to overtake the company ad hoc. Lloyd AG; Basel withdraws to Switzerland and is sold, the date I don’t know.
Dr. Jürgen Bernhold establishes in 1963 a new Hamburger Lloyd and adds one black stripe to  the flag.
After quarrels between Lloyd AG; Basel and Dr. Jürgen Bernhold the latter re-established the company as Hamburger Lloyd Dr. Jürgen Bernhold GmbH & Co. KG;Hamburg – Duisburg – Rotterdam – Bendorf – Basel on 5 January 1981, so he finally also overtook Lloyd AG; Basel.
Until 1981 both flags (four and five black stripes) had been used side by side.
Dr. Jürgen Bernhold establishes for fiscal reasons in 1971 the Binnentankreederei Tietjens & Co.; Berlin-Spandau and the Hamburger Lloyd Tietjens & Co. Schiffahrt KG; Hamburg. LudwigTietjens was an uncle of  Dr. Jürgen Bernhold.
In 1983 the headquarter of the Hamburger Lloyd was moved to Basel. 1997 Dr. Jürgen Bernhold had to leave the company after some dubious transactions. The company was deleted from the register of commerce in Hamburg and in Basel as well. The rest of the company was overtaken by Stolt-Nielsen.
The name Hamburger Lloyd was no longer a registered trade mark.
Klaus-Peter Bühne; translated by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 27 Mar 2009

LLoyd Seeschiffahrt

[LLoyd Seeschiffahrt] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider and Eugene Ipavec, 26 Aug 2008

Hamburger Lloyd(?)
Description of flag: It is a horizontal 7-stripes flag with alternating black and yellow stripes starting with a black one and a red canton with a white “Hamburg-gate”, being the flag of the City of Hamburg.
Source: I spotted this flag on 20 February 2007 in Hamburg-Horn
Table flags spotted on flee markets are always a little bit risky. They may have been hoisted upside down or have other faults. Normally there should be 9 stripes on Hamburger Lloyd flags. It looks like a flag with two stripes cut away.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 26 Aug 2008

Some time ago a real flag was offered on German eBay and it has nine stripes allright.  Put up (literally) by the man with the clothesline, it is a handsome item I'll send a photo of.
But... another item offered was a table flag, as above but having only seven stripes.
But... another item was a table flag, seven stripes, with the Antwerpen city flag (with arms) in the canton.
"Flaggen auf dem Rhein" (1952) lists no fewer than four variants (none of the above) but at least one of them is on FOTW-ws: Rhein-Fracht... albeit under a different name!
Were the seven stripes once upped to nine?  Or do humble table flags have to do with merely seven?
To crown it all, a shipping company bearing the same name was founded at Hamburg in 2006, thankfully using a different colour scheme.
Jan Mertens, 26 Aug 2008

Having seen both images I now believe, that I saw a flag of LLoyd Seeschiffahrt. As Jan has also given a photo, I also believe that the canton of my image was undersized.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 28 Aug 2008

Hamburger Lloyd - Berlin branch

[Hamburger Lloyd] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider and Eugene Ipavec, 28 Aug 2008

It is not the flag of Hamburger Lloyd itself, but according to Nuesse a flag of a companies subsidiary.
It is a horizontal 9-stripes flag with alternating black and yellow stripes starting with a black one. In the canton is a black bear in a red field. So probably the company was a Berlin branch. Hamburger Lloyd had been an inline-shipping company.
Source: I spotted this flag on 28 May 2004 in a pub in St.Pauli. The flag was identified with the help of Josef Nuesse, Drochtersen on 25 September 2007.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 29 Sep 2007

Panocean Lloyd Tankschiffahrt

[Panocean Lloyd Tankschiffahrt] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 27 Mar 2009

In 1971 there was also the beginning of a joint venture with Panocean Shipping & Terminals Ltd. London, the Panocean Lloyd Tankschiffahrt GmbH; Hamburg (source: Hamburger Abendblatt). Both companies held 50% of the shares each.

Flag of Panocean Lloyd Tankschiffahrt GmbH; Hamburg: It is a 9-stripes flag with horizontal alternating stripes of black and yellow. The flag has a red canton with the white logo of Panocean Shipping and terminals; four vertical tubes, two bowed to the hoist and the other two to the fly, under each tube is a small disc.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 27 Mar 2009

Reederei Hamburger Lloyd

[Reederei Hamburger Lloyd] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 27 Mar 2009

Reederei Hamburger Lloyd GmbH & Co KG (RHL)
After the trademark “Hamburger Lloyd” was expired in 1997, the Hanse Hamburg Shipping International GmbH & Co KG (HHSI) and the private bank M.M. Warburg & Co KGaA made a joint venture, overtook the name and founded the RHL in 2006, which had nothing to do with the former company, led by Dr. J. Bernhold.
The main tasks are technical ship management, freighting service and operative consulting.
Furthermore for external customers the company is involved in technical and commercial ship management, chartering, operational management, sale and purchase, and finally newbuilding. Befrachtungscontor  Hamburg Gmbh&Co KG (BCH) is partner of RHL sharing with its partner the same building at Dornbusch 2; 20095 Hamburg.
Last but not least RHL attends on four container ships of Knöhr&Burchardt NfL, which are managed in the technical sector by Wappen-Reederei.

Description of flag of RHL: The flag is divided by a black saltire into white (top and bottom) and red (hoist and fly). Upon the red quarters are white serifed capitals “H” (hoist) and “L” (fly)
Source: I spotted this flag on 20 February 2009 at Alster-Terassen in Hamburg while enjoying a nice Hacker-Pschorr Weißbier (ohne Schuß).
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 27 Mar 2009

Befrachtungscontor Hamburg

[Befrachtungscontor Hamburg] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 27 Mar 2009

Befrachtungscontor  Hamburg Gmbh&Co KG (BCH):
Description of flag of BCH: It is flag divided by saltire into white(top and bottom) and red(hoist and fly). In the centre of the flag is a white disc with a red shield divided twice by a thin white barrulet. Beneath the shield is a black “U”. I believe, it symbolizing a ship carrying three red containers.
Source: Information provided by Klaus-Peter Bühne, 24 February 2009
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 27 Mar 2009

Hanse Hamburg Shipping International

[Hanse Hamburg Shipping International] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 27 Mar 2009

Hanse Hamburg Shipping International GmbH & Co KG (HHSI):
Description of flag of HHSI: It is a white flag with a celestial blue trapezium near the hoist joined by a blue angle like a bottoms up “L”. There is also a two line inscription of the same colour: “HANSA HAMBURG” over “SHIPPING”.
Source: Information provided by Klaus-Peter Bühne, 24 February 2009
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 27 Mar 2009