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Usti region symbols symbols, Czech Republic

Ustecky kraj

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[Usti Region flag] by Pascal Gross, 2 Nov 2001
flag adopted: 28 Mar 2002 See also:

Usti Region flag

Note that
1. the plough in the final version has only one wheel visible (the original version was "3D");
2. the "armed" Bohemian lion has two yellow rings/knots on his tails.

Bohemian lion = Bohemia;
Armed lion = city of Usti nad Labem;
The tower with a gate = "Porta Bohemica", the region of northern Bohemia along the Elbe River, through which the ancient roads from western Europe went to Prague;
Battlement with 7 "teeth" = 7 districts of the region;
Hills = north Bohemian mountains (Krusne Hory Mts., Luzicke Hory Mts., Ceske Stredohori Mts.);
Waves = north Bohemian rivers (notably the Elbe and Eger Rivers);
Plough = symbol of Premysl the Ploughman, the mythical founder of the Premyslids, the medieval dynasty of Bohemian princes and then kings (up to 1306).

(Naturally, Premysl who putatively lived in 9th century had to use a little bit more primitive type of the plough :-)
Jan Zrzavy, 28 Mar 2002

The flag of the Usti Region (Czech Republic) is now officially in use (today, chairman of the House of Representatives has granted both COA and flag). The official image of the Coat of Arms is available at this website. Both symbols were designed by Radek Michel.
Jan Zrzavy, 14 May 2002

Some details concerning the flag of the Usti Region (= "Ustecky kraj") in the Czech Republic:
1. The lower hoist field (that with a plough) is subdivided into blue and green stripes in ratio 7:3.
2. The upper fly field (that with a tower) is subdivided into upper blue stripe, green hills and blue wavy bottom in ratio 1:6:3. Width of blue and white wavy stripes in the blue bottom are not specified (apparently they are 3/70 of the field's width each). Number of waves is not specified, probably three "tops" and four "valleys" like /\/\/\.
Source - the official description provided by Petr Exner.
Jan Zrzavy, 1 Nov 2002

Usti Region emblem

[Usti Region emblem] image from this webpage, reported by Jan Zrzavy, 14 May 2002

Usti Region proposed emblem

[Usti Region proposed emblem] image from this webpage, reported by Jan Zrzavy, 2 Nov 2001

The process of proposing symbols of the Usti Region ("Ustecky kraj") of the Czech Republic has not yet been discussed.
However, the Usti Region is somewhat decelerated in this respect, compared with the other Czech regions. The public competition was advertised in June 1, 2001, with the deadline of June 29, 2001. The heraldical commision should have finished its work till August 31, 2001, and then the Regional Assembly's session (September 12, 2001) should approve the final proposal. Not published information so far.

The proposals were prescribed as follows:

  • 1. the quartered shield/flag;
  • 2. the Bohemian lion in the 1st field (upper hoist);
  • 3. the city of Usti nad Labem's COA in the 4th field (lower fly): red field with a white double-tailed lion with a white, yellow-patterned helmet;
  • 4. one field to symbolize the north Bohemian landscape;
  • 5. one field to symbolize region's history.
Jan Zrzavy, 29 Aug 2001

The proposal of regional COA (and flag?) has been approved by the regional council (and now it must go on to regional assembly and then to the Parliament). It is quartered, with Bohemian lion in the 1st quaerter and with Usti nad Labem's lion in the 4th quarter (lion is 2-tailed, with a helmet bearing two golden wings and a crown). In the 2nd quarter (upper fly), there are three green hills, white tower with a gate, and white-blue wavy stripes, all on the blue field. The 3rd field (lower hoist) is
horizontally blue-green, with a white plough. Note - it is a proposal only.
Source: a letter by Petr Exner, based on article published in newspaper "Pravo".
Jan Zrzavy, 26 Oct 2001

Last week, some more flags of the Czech regions were approved: Usti Region - regional assembly should have discussed the symbols (12 Dec) - no info so far.
Jan Zrzavy, 15 Dec 2001

I can add a new info: the COA and flag of the Usti Region have been approved on 12 December 2001 by the regional assembly. They are the symbols reported earlier (Bohemian lion, Porta Bohemica, a plough, and Bohemian lion with a helmet). However, three minor changes are to be done prior to sending the symbols to the Parliament for final approvement. The plough and the wavy stripes will be somewhat redesigned, and the blue and green stripes in the 3rd field will be separated by a white stripe. No more detailed info and no image yet available.
Jan Zrzavy, 30 Dec 2001

Next week session of the Regional Assembly will discuss the regional flag (the proposal has been approved by the Regional
Council). It is a little bit peculiar - all Czech regional flags are banners-of-arms, and the Usti regional COA has been approved
by the Assembly in December 2001 (not yet discussed by the parliamnentary subcommittee). So, either the region is going to
approve a flag not compatible with the general rules (which will not be accepted by the Parliament), or to do a quite unnecessary action. (However - there is a third possibility: the flag will be banner-of-arms, while only the artistic rendition of the flag will be discussed: number of "tops" of the wavy stripes etc.).
Jan Zrzavy, 15 Feb 2002

Yesterday, the parliamentary subcommittee approved the symbols of the Usti Region (quartered, Bohemian lion, "porta bohemica" under three hills and above seven waves, plough, "armed" Bohemian lion from the COA of city of Usti nad Labem).
Jan Zrzavy, 28 Mar 2002