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Title: Il Gonfalone di San Marco: Analisi storico-araldica dello stemma, gonfalone, sigillo e bandiera della Città di Venezia
(in English: The Gonfalone of Saint Mark: historical-heraldic analysis of the arms, gonfalone, seal and flag of the City of Venice)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Giorgio Aldrighetti; Mario de Biasi
Edition (publisher: place): Filippi Editore: Venezia (Italy)
Language: Italian
Edition date: 1998
Pages: 378
Format: 217×217 mm
Remarks: A comprehensive history.


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Title: Lowering the Flag: Democracy, Authority and Rights at Tokorozawa High School
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): Robert Aspinall; Peter Cave
Language: English
Source title: Social Science Japan Journal
Source number (date): 4.1 (2001)
Source pages: 77-93


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Title: Tratado internacional de vexilología y manual cívico del Boliviano
Medium: book
Main author(s): Luis Eduardo Arce Cortéz; Ivette Durán Calderón
Edition (publisher: place): (Bolivia)
Language: Castillian (a.k.a. Spanish)
Edition date: 2001
Pages: 580

I got the impression that this book and [vzz83] conflict in several aspects, this one being perhaps more reliable.
António Martins, 12 May 2004


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Title: Los estandartes de la ciudad y real de Guadix: Nuevos datos para su estudio (1578)
Medium: article in a vexillological source
Main author(s): Miguel Amézcua López; Carlos Javier Garrido García
Language: Castillian (a.k.a. Spanish)
Source title: Banderas [ban]
Source number (date): 94 (2005)


Title: A Bandeira e o Hino — símbolos de Portugal
(in English: Flag and anthem, symbols of Portugal)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Ana Maria Magalhães; Isabel Alçada
Edition (publisher: place): Editorial do Ministério da Educação: Mem Martins (SNT) (Portugal)
Language: Portuguese
Edition date: 1997 (3rd ed.)
Catalogue codes: ISBN 972-767-000-8 = ISBN 978-972-767-000-10
Dep. Leg.: 110923/97
Pages: 44
Format: 194×194(×5) mm
Remarks: Bundled along with a CD, [p9t97], packaged with identical cover design but quite different in content.


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Title: Guerre et sociétés en Italie aux Ve et IVe siècles avant J.-C. Les indices fournis par l’armement et les techniques de combat
(in English: War and societies in Italy during the 5th and 4th century B.C. Indications provided by the arms and the techniques of battle)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Anne-Marie Adam; Agnès Rouveret
Edition (publisher: place): Presses de l’École Normale Supérieure: Paris (France)
Language: French
Edition date: 1986 (1st ed.)
Catalogue codes: ISBN 2-7288-0135-5 = ISBN 978-2-7288-0135-10
Pages: 165


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Title: La Bella Insegna : Il vessillo del Marchese Ugo e l’araldica toscana
Medium: book
Main author(s): L. Artusi; U. Barlozzetti; F. Cardini; A. Savorelli
Edition (publisher: place): Semper editore: Firenze (Italy)
Language: Italian
Edition date: 2004
Pages: 58 (+12 pl.)


Title: Banderas y Escudos del Mundo
(in English: The World’s Flags and Coats-of-Arms)
Medium: book
Main author(s): María Eloisa Álvarez del Real, Dra.; (others)
Edition (publisher: place): Editorial América S.A.: Panama (Panama)
Language: Castillian (a.k.a. Spanish)
Edition date: 1986 (no edition specified; presumably first)
Catalogue codes: ISBN 84-599-1599-9 = ISBN 978-84-599-1599-1
Pages: 272
Format: 197×132 mm

Remarks: Paperback. Co-published by Virginia Gardens, Florida (US).

Contains some historical and subnational flags of central and south America. Not very reliable, big mistakes (for instance, Spanish flag with centred coat-of-arms).
Santiago Dotor, 13 Apr 2000 and 23 Sep 2002


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Title: Bosnia y Herzegovina: un repaso
Medium: article in a vexillological source
Main author(s): Rafael Álvarez Rodríguez; (others)
Language: Castillian (a.k.a. Spanish)
Source title: Banderas [ban]
Source number (date): 75-76 (2000)
Remarks: 14th Spanish Vexillology Congress

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