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Presidential flags of Argentina

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Presidential Flag ashore

On land the president uses the national flag with the Sun of May.
Jarig Bakker, 17 Jun 1999, quoting from [ped80]

Presidential Flag afloat

[Presidential flag of Argentina] image by António Martins, 21 June 2000

The presidential Navy rank flag — or better the naval rank flag of the Supreme Commander of the Argentine Armed forces, who is inherently the President.
António Martins, 21 June 2000

Light blue background flag is shown in [pay00], in ratio 3:4, with note that it is only for use at sea.
Željko Heimer, 03 February 2001

Colours: Background pale blue (celeste) and stars white. Coat of arms multicolored. Ratio: 2:3. I don’t know the date of adoption, but it was in use before 1910.
Jaume Ollé, 02 July 1996

The President’s Standard is light blue, with a badge in the centre and a white five-pointed star in each of the four corners. This badge consists of an oval shield, divided into halves, the top being light blue and the lower white. Overall are two hands grasping a staff on which is a red cap of liberty. Above is a golden sun, and the shield is surrounded by a laurel wreath, which, unlike most wreaths used in a similar position, partly obscures the face of the sun.
Jarig Bakker, 17 June 1999, quoting from [bar71]

Incorrect depictions

[err. Pres. flag of Argentina] image by António Martins, 21 June 2000

In Album des Pavillons [pay], the President’s ensign is dark blue field, Phrygian cap yellow, proportion 3:4.
Ivan Sache, 10 October 1999

The argentine presidential ensign image in ratio 2:3 shows in the Flaggenbuch 1905 [ruh05]. But I have had the chance of learning that this 1905 edition is not very accurate — nothing to do with the 1939 edition compiled by Neubecker.
Jaume Ollé, 27 February 2000

Some sources, like Album 1995 issue, Smith’s 1980 book, and Flagbulletin, shown the flag with dark blue background. If I have understood the discussions here rightly, the dark blue flag was never used nor correct — it was always the light blue (though it seems that in time of WWII the proportion was slightly different, 9:10).
Željko Heimer, 03 February 2001

Note that in Flaggenbuch 1939, [neu92] the field of the President’s ensign is celeste blue, Phrygian cap red, proportion 9:10.
Ivan Sache, 10 October 1999

Presidential transport flag

[Presidential transport flag] image by António Martins, 21 June 2000

Ratio conjectural. Status uncertain, might have been only a proposal; at most it is used on presidential land vehicles.
António Martins, 21 June 2000

A triband flag of light blue / white / light blue with the coat of arms at the center of the white stripe is used as “transportation flag” on any vehicle used by the president.
Gustavo Tracchia, 05 September 1999

President’s presence signal flag at the government palace

A smaller [national] flag is hoisted below the national flag at the Casa Rosada to indicate the presence of the president [in the building].
Gustavo Tracchia, 05 September 1999

Presidential Sash

[Presidential Sash] image by Francisco Gregoric, 22 November 2007

The Argentine Presidential Sash is regulated by Art. No. 4 of the 1944 National Symbols Decree No. 10302. The text of that article is the following one: First the Spanish text, followed by the English translation:

    Artículo 4º - La Banda que distingue al Jefe del Estado, autorizada por la Asamblea Constituyente en la Reforma del Estado Provisorio del Gobierno del 26 de enero de 1814 y alcanzada por la distinción del 25 de febrero de 1818, ostentará los mismos colores, en igual posición y el sol de la Bandera Oficial. Esta insignia terminará en una borla sin otro emblema. Tanto el sol como la borla serán confeccionados con hilos, con baño de oro, de óptima calidad y máxima inalterabilidad en el tiempo.

    Article No. 4 - The Sash that distinguishes the Chief of State, authorized by the Constitutional Assembly in the Revision of the Provisional State of the Government of January 26 of 1814 and within the distinction made on February 25, 1818, will have the same colors and the same arrangements with the Sun of the Official Flag. This emblem will end in a tassel without any other ornament. The sun and the tassel will be made of golden threads of optimum quality and maximum inalterability throughout time.
The sash is 10 cm wide with three stripes of the same width, sky blue, white and sky blue. It is made in one single piece of fabric made in both colors.
Francisco Gregoric, 22 November 2007

Presidential Sash (detail)

[Presidential Sash detail] image by Francisco Gregoric, 22 November 2007

The golden embroidered sun has 32 rays, straight and dangerous same as the national flag. The external diameter of the sun is 9 cm and the diameter of the face of 4 cm.

The Presidential Sash has a golden tassel with fringe.

Previously to the 1944 decree, there were different models of Presidential Sashes. Some of them had a National Coat of Arms instead of a sun.
Francisco Gregoric, 22 November 2007