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American Iron Front (U.S.)


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[American Iron Front flag] AIF Organization Banner/Flag - image from Pete Loeser, supplied by the AIF, 26 September 2019

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Introduction: American Iron Front - AIF

The American Iron Front (AIF) is an anti-fascist, pro-democracy, non-violent activist network who oppose far-right activity in the USA. They support anti-racism, anti-fascism, and encourage general inclusion of all. At the present time the group has not been tied to any violence in their activities. They claim they aren't leftist looking for a Marxist revolution or abolition of organized government, but are against the far-right extremist groups presently being encourage by the policies and behavior of the Trump administration.

According to one of the founders of the American Iron Front "We're a more patriotic faction of the broader anti-fascist movement, also known as the Antifa Movement. I created the AIF so as to give more politically moderate people an outlet for anti-fascist activism who may otherwise be weary of it due to the various controversies and public image issues it has.
We do not have a set ideology, and include a wide variety of people, including Libertarians, Liberals, social democrats, and democratic socialists. One ideology we are vehemently against (besides fascism, of course) is authoritarian communism, like Stalinism, Maoism, and Juche. (Non-authoritarian communists we generally are okay with.)"

The symbol they have adopted - three arrows pointing inside a circle - dates back to pre-World War II Germany when it represented an actual leftist political organization, also named the Iron Front, that stood in direct opposition to Nazis and has today persisted as a visual representation of anti-fascism.
Pete Loeser, 12 September 2019

Photos of AIF flags:

  1. AIF Flag #1
  2. AIF Flags in Boston
  3. AIF in Boston Gay/Straight Demonstration
  4. AIF Contingent in Boston
  5. AIF Flags in Boston
On the latter two photos the red frame (type #2) is nearly invisible, but when zoomed enough in, it can be discerned, although looks more like a grayish shadow. Included herewith is a redo of this image, based on the above sources.
Tomislav Todorovic, 14 September 2019

American Iron Front Flag Variant #1
Without text, lighter blue field

[American Iron Front] image by Pete Loeser & Tomislav Todorovic, 14 September 2019

This flag was used in protests in Philadelphia and Boston in 2017. According to the American Iron Front leadership, this variant is similar to their Organization Banner/flag, but without the name of the group around the emblem, and the center circle is black instead of blue. They explain the emblem on their Organization Banner/Flag and this variant (type #1) is meant to resemble Captain America's shield, illustrating their "patriotic anti-fascism" philosophy.
Pete Loeser, 26 September 2019

American Iron Front Flag Type #2
Variant - red reversed arrows and white field

[American Iron Front] image by Pete Loeser & Tomislav Todorovic, 14 September 2019

In this Iron Front flag, the AIF demonstrates it is apparently comfortable with displaying the three downward arrows in either direction on their flags (hoistward or flyward).
Pete Loeser, 12 September 2019

American Iron Front Flag Type #3
"Good Night Alt-Right"

[Good Night Alt-Right] image by Pete Loeser & Tomislav Todorovic, 14 September 2019

This black and white AIF flag features a fist smashing a swastika to rubble with the words "Good Night Alt-Right" surrounding it.
Pete Loeser, 12 September 2019

I would like to mention the following: The slogan featured on this flag "Good Night Alt-Right" is in direct opposition to the slogan "Good Night, Left Side" purported by the "alt right" movement which in recent years has emerged in the U.S. (a term coined by Richard B. Spencer in 2010, as "alternative right" (source #1) and (source #2) Thus the "Good Night Alt-Right" slogan aimed at far-right groups and their actions.
It should be noted that the "Good Night, Left Side" has its own logo used on flags as well, with designs featuring a man being thrown overboard from a helicopter as seen in the flags of the Anti-Communist Action (U.S.) , specifically the these two flags: example one and example two. (source)
The Anti-Communist Action itself is a response against Antifa, and Anti-fascist groups worldwide. Examples of this can be seen in Australia, France, Germany, and Spain.
That being said, the background for featuring a man being thrown overboard a helicopter is actually a historical reference of political dissidents (both members of banned guerrilla and terrorist group members as well as simple sympathizers) which became common practice when the helicopter became operational and used en masse around the 1950s in the armed conflicts that ensued since (mostly low-intensity conflicts (dubbed "small wars") or COIN (Counter Insurgency) conflicts. It is known for a fact that such practice became common in the 1970's in Latin American countries where dictators where in charge (i.e. Operation Condor, and it is also known that during low intensity conflicts (such as the internal conflict in Colombia 1960's-onwards) this practice was also implemented.
Other flags and banners of "Good Night, Left Side" as seen here:

Hence, flags with the slogan "Good Night, Left Side" are flags aimed at far-left groups worldwide by the far-left.
Esteban Rivera, 25 September 2019

There is also another anti-Fascist emblem with similar design and words "Good Night, White Pride," which may also appear on flags.
Tomislav Todorovic, 25 September 2019

There are indeed flags/banners of "Good Night, White Pride" as seen here:

With the above mentioned we can now conclude that anti-fascism and anti-racism is not merely an American phenomena.
Esteban Rivera, 26 September 2019

American Iron Front Flag Type #4
Timber's Army Variant

[American Iron Front] image by Pete Loeser & Tomislav Todorovic, 14 September 2019

In August of 2019 during a Portland Timbers soccer game supporters called "The Timbers Army" waved a green and gold flag (the team colors) with the American Iron Front logo on it in Providence Park in Portland, Oregon. This apparent displaying by the Timbers fans of the AIF flag resulted in a knee jerk banning of the fans from the stadium and has started a dialog about Freedom of Speech, etc. Apparently the controversy has spread to the games of the Seattle Sounders, another professional soccer team, in nearby Washington State. A sign was displayed saying "Anti-fascist/Anti-racist/Always Seattle" has joined the debate began in Portland.
Pete Loeser, 12 September 2019

American Iron Front Flag Type #5
Straight Pride Parade Variant

[American Iron Front] image by Pete Loeser & Tomislav Todorovic, 14 September 2019

This red, white and blue AIF flag made an appearance in the Straight Pride Parade in Boston in August of 2019, so we had activities on both the west and east coast by the American Iron Front during the same month.
Pete Loeser, 12 February 2018

As you mentioned, this flag [American Iron Front] has been spotted both on the West Coast and the East Coast. Regarding the one spotted on the East Coast during Boston's recent protests and the one you drew, see here the second image from left to right (source) and here (source) I believe the blue field is a darker blue.
Esteban Rivera, 12 September 2019

Nice to hear from you on this. I re-colored the drawings a bit, the picture I was working from had the flag backlit and fooled me.
Pete Loeser, 13 September 2019

Small AIF Parade Flag

[American Iron Front] image from Pete Loeser, provided by the AIF, 26 September 2019

This illustration provided by the AIF of a smaller red, white and blue "parade" flag (approximately 2' x 3') was also used in the Boston Straight Pride Parade. It's field is also a darker Navy blue.
Pete Loeser, 26 September 2019

American Iron Front Flag Type #6
Emerald City Supporters Variant

[American Iron Front] image by Tomislav Todorovic, 16 September 2019

Following the example of the Timbers Army, the Seattle Sounders' supporters, who go under the name of the Emerald City Supporters (ECS), have introduced another flag with three arrows within the circle. Their large perfectly square flag also has a green field, but in much lighter shade (according to some photos, may also incline towards yellow), while the charges are in black. The ECS have been issued a formal warning from the Seattle Sounders about the use of political symbols, with which they disagreed regarding this one. It is worth noting that, despite the pronounced rivalry between Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders, their fans' organizations have been expressing solidarity with each other regarding the use of anti-Fascist symbols.

  1. It's Going Down website
  2. Emerald City Supporters website
  3. Sounder at Heart website
Tomislav Todorovic, 16 September 2019

Gay/Straight Ally Flag

[Gay/Straight Ally Flag] image by Tomislav Todorovic, 26 May 2015

The use of the Gay/Straight Ally Flag by the AIF is a bit ambivalent. However, the flag has often been displayed in Boston with the various variants of AIF flags. The flag uses the black and white "colored stripes" of the Straight Pride flag as a field, but adds a large rainbow colored "A" (for Ally) to indicate straight support for the Gay Pride/Equal Marriage movement. It is not an AIF flag, but rather a sexual orientation flag. See: Heterosexual Flags.

Our AIF source explained, "The reason one of our guys was flying the Straight Ally flag in Boston was we were counter protesting the anti-LGBT rally, and we wanted to show that there were non-LGBT people also opposed to the so-called 'Straight Pride' event as well."
Pete Loeser, 12 February 2018

American Iron Front Flag Type #7
Stars and Stripes Variant

[American Iron Front] image from Pete Loeser, supplied by the AIF, 26 September 2019

This AIF variant flag was used at the "We the People" rally held in Philadelphia's Independence Mall on November 18, 2018.