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Cruzeiro do Oeste, Paraná (Brazil)

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Campo Mourão, PR (Brazil) image by Ivan Sache, 1 February 2022
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Cruzeiro do Oeste

The municipality of Cruzeiro do Oeste (20,917 inhabitants in 2018; 77,922 ha) is located 500 km north-west of Curitiba. The municipality is composed of the districts of Cruzeiro do Oeste (seat), Cafeeiros and São Silvestre.

Cruzeiro do Oeste was established in 1947 by Francelino de Medeiros, José Bogo, José Paulo da Silva, Laurindo Nunes de Oliveira, Joaquim José Ferreira, Aristides Mattes, Pedro Candinho, Juvenal Calixto, Osvaldo Rodrigues do Amaral and Artur Teixeira. The municipality of Cruzeiro do Oeste was established by State Law No. 253 promulgated on 26 November 1954, separating from Peabiru.
The origin of the town's name (Western Cross) is obscure. Some say it was established at the crossing of roads. Edmundo Mercer Junior says that the town was named for a cross indicating the tomb of the son of explorer Edmundo Mercer.Antonio Armado Noivo reports that in 1946, Captain Regato de Mello erected a cross to signal a small brook supplying freshwater.
Municipal website

Cruzeiro do Sul is the "birth place" of Vespersaurus paranaensis, a new species of dinosaur. Discovered 3 km north of Cruzeiro do Sul, the new species was named for the town and the state.
"The generic name derives from the words 'vesper' (Latin for evening/west) and 'sauros' (Greek for lizard/saurian), in reference to the name of the town, i.e. Cruzeiro do Oeste (= 'Western Cross'), where the fossils were found. The specific epithet refers to the Paraná state, of which Ves. paranaensis represents the first non-avian dinosaur record."
Langer, M.C., Martins, N.d.O., Manzig, P.C. et al. 2019. A new desert-dwelling dinosaur (Theropoda, Noasaurinae) from the Cretaceous of south Brazil. Scientific Reports 9, 9379.

The flag and arms of Cruzeiro do Oeste are prescribed by Municipal Law No. 8 promulgated on 31 August 1999.

Article 2.
The flag of the municipality of Cruzeiro do Sul shall be rectangular, in proportions 20 units in length on 14 units in length, with the following characteristics.
a) The flag of the municipality of Cruzeiro do Oeste shall be composed of a white field, charged in the center with the coat of arms of the municipality, 7 units in width on 6 units in length.
b) White is a symbol of peace.

Article 6.
The coat of arms of the municipality of Cruzeiro do Oeste, designed by Paulo Novaes and heraldically adapted under the coordination of ESIMPAR - Enciclopédia Simbológica Municipalista Paranaense - and of the Municipal Secretariat of Education, Culture, Sports and Leisure of Cruzeiro do Oeste - is a Portuguese shield featuring in the center a white cross, of 1 unit in length, which divides it into four fields equal two by two. The cross recalls people's Christian spirit. The placement of the cross refers to the town's geographical location, "Junction Town", crossed by roads PR 323 (Maringá-Guaira), PR 14 (Rondon-Cruzeiro do Oeste-Paranavaí), BR 487 (Campo Mourão-Cruzeiro do Oeste-Pontal do Tigre), and also by the secondary road heading from Cruzeiro do Oeste to the Goioerê junction with road PR 86.

In the upper right part of the shield, on blue, five yellow stars representing the Southern Cross ["Cruzeiro"] constellation and recalling the toponym. In the upper left part of the shield, on blue, a black and yellow laborious bee highlighting the municipality's progress as the fruit of good planning and work of the bee-hive's work. The bee's wings are formed by letters "C" and "O" for "Cruzeiro do Oeste".
Blue is a symbol of justice, knowledge, loyalty and clarity.
The lower right quarter, green, represents hope and liberty; the lower left quarter, also green, features three ripe wheat plants, symbolizing fertility and the municipality's resources.

The shield is surmounted by a three-towered brown and yellow crown, with a white open gate, only two of them visible in perspective view, representing law and order in the municipality of Cruzeiro do Oeste.
The space between the crown and the shield is inscribed "1955", the year of inauguration of the municipality.
The shield is supported right by a branch of flowered cotton and left by a branch of fructed coffee all proper, representing the municipality's main crops.
Beneath the shield a yellow scroll inscribed "CRUZEIRO DO OESTE - A ABELHA LABORIOSA DO PARANÁ [Paraná's Laborious Bee], in black letters, referring to the toponym and well-organized labor developed by the authorities and citizens for common fare.

White is pure light, symbolizing beauty and victory.
Blue is the color of firmament, symbolizing joy, loyalty and clarity.
Green denotes faith, symbolizing hope and liberty.
Yellow is the image of mind maturity, symbolizing vigor, prudence and honesty.
Red is energy, symbolizing force, courage and triumph.
Black represents the domain of intelligence, symbolizing prudence, vigor and honesty.
Brown represents the land, symbolizing the same virtues and qualities as black.
Leis Municipais database


Ivan Sache, 1 February 2022