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Service Star Banners

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Show your support for your family member's
service to their country.

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Blue Star - Dyed
Blue Star Banner Sewn

Blue Star Garden Banner

String Mount Nylon Garden Flag

1 star $12.00 1 star $10.00
2 stars $12.00 Note: has a sleeve to slide over a garden pole
3 stars $12.00


Lapel Pins
Service Star Pin
1 Blue Star
2 Blue Stars
3 Blue Stars
1 Gold Star

Decal Decal Decal

XL Magnets
3 x 5 ½"
[One Blue Service Star Magnet]

[Service Star Blanket]
Service Star
Fleece Blankets

$17.50 each
Service Star Sewn Banner Sewn
Size Star(s) each
12x18" 1 Blue $25.00
12x18" 1 Gold $25.00
12x18" 2 Blue $27.00
12x18" 1 Gold/1 Blue $27.00
12x18" 2 Gold $27.00
12x18" 3 Blue $29.00
12x18" 1 Gold/2 Blue $29.00
12x18" 4 Blue $31.00
additional stars/color combinations would be a custom item.

3x5' Flag
Star(s) each
Service Star 3x5' Flag Blue 1 Blue dyed $28.00
Service Star 3x5' Flag Blue Service Star 3x5' Flag Gold 1 sewn $44.00
Service Star 3x5' Flag Blue Blue Service Star 3x5' Flag Blue Gold 2 stars sewn $49.00
Service Star 3x5' Flag Blue Blue Blue Service Star 3x5' Flag Blue Blue Gold 3 stars sewn $54.00

[Service Star Scarf]
Service Star

$9.00 each

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